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Dottie’s Family Market is a joint pursuit between the Berkheimer and Hogue families, both local to York, PA. While incorporating Dottie from the Berkheimer family, we also wanted to represent the other side – and it was a no-brainer that Ken Hogue, the patriarch of the Hogue family, be chosen as the “face” of Dottie’s Family Market – Kenny the Corn.


Pap Hogue loved Hake’s Grocery and the country farm feel of the store. He frequented Hake’s, stopping in the store after a long day of mowing and often riding to the produce auction with Randy Hake. Having grown up a farm boy, Pap loved growing, planting and eating sweet corn with his family, so incorporating Kenny the Corn into the storyline of Dottie’s seemed like a natural fit.


Pap Hogue embodied kindness, honesty, a love of community and family as well as a strong work ethic – all qualities that we value and strive to exemplify here at Dottie’s. Ken could strike up conversation with anyone in any place and made a friend of everyone. He loved his family fiercely and instilled a love of Jesus in them, always leading by example.


We lost Pap Hogue shortly after Christmas 2017, but he would have loved to see Dottie’s come to fruition and would have undoubtedly sat in the rocking chairs on the front porch every day, greeting every customer as they walked through the door.

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